Abdulmalik Bajabu

Image of Abdulmalik Bajabu

Abdulmalik Bajabu is a 44-year old Kenyan citizen who was seized in 2007 by the Kenyan authorities handed over to the US and rendered to Guantánamo Bay. The US has never charged him with a crime.

The US authorities are holding Abdulmalik indefinitely on the basis of allegations relating to a 2002 bombing in Mombasa, Kenya. However, the allegations against him have long been exposed as baseless.

Kenyan and US authorities concocted the allegations on the basis of statements that were tortured out of Abdulmalik’s childhood friend, Salim Awadh Salim. Salim was blindfolded, subjected to physical abuse, forced to strip naked, and repeatedly threatened with rape.

All five of Abdulmalik’s supposed co-conspirators were charged by the Kenyan government with the same crimes on the basis of such faulty ‘evidence.’ All five were acquitted, leaving Abdulmalik who – at Guantánamo – is beyond the reach of the Kenyan courts.

In 2013, a Kenyan court found that Salim had been tortured, and ruled that the Kenyan government must compensate him.

Abdulmalik is a devoted husband and father of three. He wants nothing more than to return home to his family.

Abdulmalik is an avid reader, and takes out books by the half dozen from the Guantánamo library. He is a huge fan of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. He regularly writes poetry to his wife, who works as a midwife and cares for their three children.