Big Issue feature on Rendition this week

csc_jpg_240x360_q85The Big Issue have published an article on rendition drawing on the work of Reprieve investigator Crofton Black.  It not only provides an overview of rendition, but highlights how companies with strong UK links, like Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) have been heavily involved.

In 2002, the United States Central Intelligence Agency began using private contractors to transport prisoners to secret “black sites” around the world, where they were held incommunicado, interrogated and tortured.

What is less well known is the role of companies in this network.  Reprieve has been investigating this network of corporate complicity – companies, some small, some large, which were paid by the US to provide logistical support to the CIA – to work, as Dick Cheney said, “on the dark side”.

This week The Big Issue publishes a two page spread on rendition headlined “Web of Deceit”.  Ryan Gallagher’s article exposes various governmental and corporate networks involved in organising these expensive and complex transnational operations.  He draws on the work of Reprieve investigator Crofton Black and Reprieve’s research project Renditions Inc.  In addition to well known military contractors such as DynCorp, companies involved include those with strong UK links, including Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) that are funded by some of Britain’s best known banks, like Lloyds and Barclays.

The article also highlights research currently taking place at Kent University and investigations being carried out through the courts (the legal action lodged by Abdelhakim Belhadj) – suggesting revelations about the network of governmental and corporate involvement will be transpiring for some time to come.