Vacancies at Reprieve – Frequently Asked Questions

Reprieve receives a substantial number of enquiries about our paid and voluntary vacancies, so we’ve put together this FAQ, with answers to some of the most common questions people generally ask us.

Paid roles

How does Reprieve recruit for paid positions? Should I send you my CV?

Any new paid employment vacancies are advertised at and via our employment mailing list (which you can sign up to on the same page).

Because we have limited funding and office space, we only recruit for specific identified vacancies. This means that we don’t accept speculative applications for paid work.

Where are Reprieve based? Do you have offices around the UK or internationally?

Reprieve’s UK office is located in central London; we don’t have any offices elsewhere in the UK or directly employ staff elsewhere in the world.

Reprieve provides funding for a small number of external Fellows. These funding agreements centre around a specific project critical to Reprieve’s ongoing casework, but which we’re unable to achieve solely through the resources available to our London-based staff. We currently fund Reprieve Fellows in Pakistan, the Middle East, Yemen, and South East Asia.

For futher details, please see

When will you next have paid vacancies available?

It’s impossible to tell when new positions will become available, but if you sign up to our recruitment mailing list at you’ll get an email whenever new roles are advertised.


How do you recruit for volunteers? Should I send you my CV?

All Reprieve volunteer vacancies are advertised at and via our volunteer recruitment mailing list (which you can sign up to here).

The recruitment process for each of the different volunteer vacancies we offer is slightly different.

If you’re after an in-office volunteer position in London, then these are recruited competitively and we don’t accept speculative applications. Details of any current vacancies (along with a job description and instructions for applying) can be found at

For placements in the USA or Pakistan, please see the application requirements at and

What sort of volunteer roles do you have available? Do you have to be a lawyer or have legal training to volunteer?

You can read about the different vacancies available at Volunteers work across all of Reprieve’s departments, from legal casework to communications, operations and fundraising.

While an understanding of legal issues can be a relevant skill for certain casework vacancies, it’s not usually essential. For non-casework vacancies it usually make no difference.

I work full-time. Can I volunteer during the evening or at weekends?

Reprieve’s in-office roles require volunteers to be available during normal working hours; the office is not open overnight or over the weekend. Volunteer roles will usually ask for a minimum time commitment of two or three days a week, so they can often fit around university studies and part-time work.

If you want to volunteer for Reprieve in the UK but work full-time, please consider adding your details to our Skills Bank instead: You can also look at out Get Involved page at for other ideas on supporting Reprieve’s work.

Do you offer work experience placements, or work shadowing?

Reprieve doesn’t offer short-term work experience or shadowing placements, unfortunately. This is because our caseworkers deal with very heavy workloads, involving a high number of extremely complex cases.

Training new volunteers can take quite a lot of time, so we aim for volunteers to stay with us for at least three months, both so that they can support Reprieve’s work more effectively, and gain more useful skills and knowledge from their placement.

In addition, the sensitive legal nature of our work means that we can’t offer in-office placements to anyone under the age of 18.

When will you next have volunteer vacancies available? When should I apply if I want to volunteer in the summer?

It’s difficult to predict exactly when volunteer roles will become available: most placements last around 3 months, but they can sometime be extended for longer, or finish sooner, depending on changes to volunteers’ schedules and availability.

The best way to stay informed about new vacancies is to sign up for our volunteer recruitment mailing list: whenever new vacancies are available, we email everyone on the list with details of the role and a link to find out more. You can sign up at

For summer placements, we generally aim to recruit in late April / early May, but this can also change quite unpredictably.

I have a question which isn’t covered here – please email