Reprieve Skills Bank

Reprieve Skills Bank

If you are unable to become an in-house volunteer or offer 3 days per week for 3 months, you can add your name and details to our Skills Bank. The Skills Bank includes volunteers who are contacted on an ad hoc basis, rather than being required to do a particular number of hours per week or even per month.

Reprieve has three different categories of Skills Bank: the Translator Skills Bank, the Legal Skills Bank and the General Skills Bank. Further details about each category can be found below.

To apply, please send an email to the relevant email address below. Applicants should submit their CVs, a completed (printed, signed, witnessed and scanned) confidentiality agreement and details of their availability, as well as completing any of the further requirements listed in each section.

You will be contacted as and when a task relevant to your experience comes up.

The Translator Skills Bank

Translators in the Skills Bank require professional proficiency in the languages that they speak. You will be given a variety of translation work, including articles and legal documents, meaning that translators must be bound by a confidentiality agreement. The frequency with which you are contacted will depend on the languages that you speak, as well as your willingness to be contacted at short notice.

The following languages are especially useful: Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian and French.

To apply, please send the list of languages that you speak and a description of any previous professional translation experience. This should be sent with your CV, confidentiality agreement and details of your availability to:

The Legal Skills Bank

While offers of volunteering are always appreciated by Reprieve, it is worth keeping in mind that the majority of the legal work undertaken by Reprieve caseworkers. As a result, we typically encourage those interested in legal opportunities to volunteer regularly for three months in our office.  In all honesty, we contact members of the Legal Skills Bank quite rarely so it is worth bearing this in mind when you contact us.

However, if you are interested in volunteering infrequently, Reprieve can provide suitable opportunities. To apply, please send your CV, confidentiality agreement and details of your availability to

The General Skills Bank

Other skills that help Reprieve in its mission include data management, digital marketing and medical qualifications. If you think you have a skill that we have overlooked, please outline how you think this could be useful to Reprieve in 200 words. This description should be sent your CV, confidentiality agreement and details of your availability to