Salaries at Reprieve

We are proud to operate a 33% pay ratio between the highest and lowest salaries at Reprieve.

This means that the most senior member of staff, the Executive Director, can receive no more than 33% more than the lowest paid UK-based staff member.

The Executive Director’s current salary is £50,574 and the lowest is £38,678. Clive Stafford Smith, our founder, is a fellow and is paid a fellowship grant of £43,674 per annum. (These salaries don’t include pension contributions.)

Each year all staff members receive a salary increase related to the cost of living (typically around 1%), and we have periodic reviews of pay grades and benefits for staff across the board.


We are a charity and we rely on donations from incredibly generous supporters to keep us going. We believe that as many of these funds as possible should be put towards our casework: helping those in most need and who are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. After all, we are a capital defence charity, not a capital acquisition one – we should aim to do good, rather than do well for ourselves. Reprieve has never taken a penny from anyone we have represented.

85.5p of every £1 donated to Reprieve is spent on our charitable mission -that is directly saving lives and delivering justice.

We are a professional organisation and we owe it to those we support to have the best possible people fighting their cases. Reprieve’s greatest resource is its staff – and their commitment, experience and ability. We recognise that almost all Reprieve staff could earn considerably more elsewhere, but that we all share a belief in and commitment to the work. We care deeply about ending the injustices we encounter every day.

We believe we have hit the correct balance of modest yet respectable salaries that attract and retain our greatest asset; our people.

Other benefits

We work hard to keep our staff after they have a family, trying to support them both when they become parents and when they return to work.

We offer six months’ full pay for maternity leave and six weeks’ full pay for paternity leave, with a guarantee to return to your role. On their return we offer flexible working patterns.

All staff are entitled to a 4 week paid sabbatical after 5 years continuous service and we offer a generous holiday entitlement.