Rachel Borrell

Rachel joined Reprieve as Stop the Lethal Injection Project Officer in May 2018.

Rachel is the Stop the Lethal Injection Project Officer at Reprieve, where she works on private sector engagement, as well as strategic litigation, investigation, and advocacy to prevent the misuse of medicines in lethal injection executions and expose the myth of the humane execution.

Prior to joining Reprieve Rachel worked in the Middle East and North Africa Department at Amnesty International, where her work focused on research and campaigning against human rights violations in the context of the Israel/ Palestine conflict. Rachel also worked in the International Advocacy Programme at Amnesty International, where she prepared submissions to UN human rights mechanisms and lobbied on a wide range of human rights issues at the UN in Geneva.

Before taking up her role at Amnesty, Rachel was International Advocacy Officer at the London-based NGO Anti-Slavery International, working on combating modern slavery around the world, and Legal Research and Advocacy Officer at the Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq, where she carried out research and advocacy on human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Rachel holds a Bachelors in History from the University of Glasgow and an LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Essex.