Maya Foa

Staff photo of Maya Foa

As the Director of the legal charity Reprieve, Maya leads a team of lawyers fighting against grave human rights abuses. Her work, alongside the work of the organisation she has helped shape over the past decade, aims to protect vulnerable individuals from the excesses of oppressive Governments – whether they are on death rows or hillsides patrolled by weaponised drones.

CBS has described Maya as “the woman behind a shortage of execution drugs” in the US thanks to her innovative work in tracing pharmaceutical supply chains and consulting with more than 50 manufacturers to help them prevent their life-saving drugs being used in executions. Under Maya’s directorship, Reprieve is saving the lives of people on death rows and securing justice for the victims of abusive counter-terrorism practices (including torture, rendition, extrajudicial imprisonment and extra judicial killing) across the world. Maya has conducted extensive advocacy before the governments of Europe, the United States and regional and international bodies, has served as an expert advisor to the European Commission and is a frequent voice in the media.

Maya is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. She was a 2015 Soros Justice Fellow. Maya was awarded the inaugural Robin Steinberg Innovation Award from the Bronx Defenders in 2018 and the 2015 SMK Women Demanding Justice award. In 2015, Maya was named one of Sir Richard Branson’s 65 Most Inspirational People. Maya studied French and Italian at Oxford University and did a postgraduate degree in Law.

Contact: / @mayafoa