Our pay structure

We are proud to have an open and transparent pay structure. It is comparatively flat, governed by a principle that the highest-paid member of staff will be paid no more than double the lowest-paid member of staff.

This system exists not only with a view to upholding equality within Reprieve but also as part of our commitment to holding the money we raise in trust for those we represent. In 2019, for £1 we raised in income, 89.4p was spent on our charitable activities. Our services come at no cost to the individuals we assist, who are often denied the justice they deserve as a direct consequence of their limited financial means.

In January 2019 we conducted a pay review and introduced a new pay band. The starting salary for Officers at Reprieve is now £36,400 a year. Officers on this salary who stay with the organisation for two years of continuous service have their salary increased to £41,633. There are a small number of Officers who joined the organisation prior to January 2019 who are also paid at this level.

We are proud of the diversity of our staff and we particularly welcome applications from underrepresented groups.

The 2020 pay bands for Reprieve staff are:

Role Salary
Executive Director £68,197
Directors £58,092
Deputy Directors £49,648
Heads of Project £49,648
Project/Regional Leads £44,936
Project Managers £44,936
Officers (2+ Years’ Service) £41,633
Officers £36,400