Opportunities at Reprieve

There are many ways to become involved in Reprieve’s work. You can support our campaigns, make a donation, carry out a paid volunteership through a sponsoring institution, or work for Reprieve. Whatever you choose to do, your contribution is valued by us.

We are proud of our diversity and we want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to contribute to our work. With that goal in mind, we do not have unpaid volunteer roles because we recognise that not everyone is in a position to give their time for free. Instead, we are very lucky to have the support of universities who fund internships and 12-month fellowships, law firms and corporate partners who offer their staff on secondments, and charitable trusts who fund internships both in the UK and abroad.

In 2018, Reprieve introduced a 12-month Paid Internship for the first time. We worked with the Social Mobility Foundation to target the most talented people from less-privileged backgrounds and sought to provide a stepping stone to a career in the human rights or legal profession.


Reprieve currently works with four law firms to provide secondments for trainee solicitors. Seats at Reprieve can be either 3 or 6 months and our brilliant trainees make a huge contribution to our UK litigation. To learn more, please get in touch with your firm’s Head of CSR or Pro Bono, and ask about Reprieve Secondments.

Law School and other university placements

Reprieve collaborates with law schools to enable students to volunteer with Reprieve. In 2019 we hosted more than 10 law school students.

Due to very high demand we are unable at present to consider any further placements for the summer of 2020. We look forward to reopening our application process later in the year for the summer of 2021. We are very grateful for the interest shown by all those who applied.

Reprieve is not currently able to provide direct funding for volunteerships. However, we do accept applications to volunteer at Reprieve that are either funded by universities/public interest fellowships/scholarships.

As an initial step, and prior to applying to Reprieve, please liaise with:

  • your university careers office; or
  • the relevant scholarship or public interest fellowship coordinator/office; or
  • the corporate social responsibility team at your organisation; or
  • any other person responsible for coordinating voluntary placements at charitable organisations.

Please discuss your decision to apply to volunteer at Reprieve, and confirm that funding is available. Once you are confident that funding is available for you to volunteer at Reprieve for a period of at least three months, please send us your application, which should consist of:

Please send to applications@reprieve.org.uk. Please indicate in the subject line the name of your sponsoring institution, and that you are applying for a funded volunteership. In the body of your email, please stipulate how much funding you will be eligible to receive, whether any funds can be paid directly to you and whether there are specific conditions attached to the funding (for instance, if you have to do a volunteership focused on legal research).

We will not consider any applications for volunteerships unless you provide us with the information above and demonstrate that you will be funded for your time at Reprieve. Please bear in mind that we are a charity with limited resources, so we ask that you make the relevant enquiries above as to eligibility prior to making contact with us. We will then review and consider your application, and revert.

For those applicants outside of the UK, Reprieve is able to sponsor a limited number of volunteers to intern at Reprieve each year, provided that you meet the eligibility requirements stipulated by the UKVI for Tier 5 visas: https://www.gov.uk/tier-5-government-authorised-exchange/eligibility. Please note that the UKVI visa process asks for evidence that you have had a specific amount of savings in your bank account for 90 days prior to applying. If you are not a European or British national, please do not apply to volunteer at Reprieve unless, in addition to the criteria above, you are confident that you meet the eligibility requirements for a Tier 5 visa.

US Post-Graduate Fellows

For law students, Reprieve offers 12-month fellowships at our London office for those who have secured external funding and are eligible to work in the UK.

The fellowships normally run for one year and the fellows typically work within the casework team on a full time basis. If you are interested in becoming a Reprieve fellow please apply directly to the Fellowship organisation, and nominate Reprieve as your desired destination organisation.

Reprieve Skills Bank

Reprieve is fortunate to have many experts and linguists in its skills bank, whose unique skills are called upon on an ad hoc and remote basis. More information about the Reprieve skills bank can be found here.

Volunteering with Capital Defense Offices in the USA

Reprieve does not take volunteers, but we assist the Louisiana Capital Assistance Centre in the USA to identify suitable volunteers to join their programme. LCAC’s work is vital in challenging the use of the death penalty, and the programme offers placements in capital defense offices in the USA. More information can be found here.