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As of January 30th 2018, President Trump has ended the US Government’s commitment to closing Guantanamo. Sign our petition to the President, calling on him to end the years of injustice and abuse at America's illegal prison.

25,203 signatures. Help us reach 50,000

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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments


A video collaboration with artists acting out crimes that British spies may be authorised to commit...

Stolen Youth - by Ibrahim Halawa

I was falsely accused of violence, all for the “crime” of attending a protest. I endured years of torture. Until the day of my acquittal, there was a distinct possibility I would be sentenced to death

Campaigning this week - the Saudi Crown Prince & Benedict Cumberbatch

So much to talk about this week… A visit to the Saudi Embassy, 18 young people facing execution, an incredible legal victory and a video project

What is Vision 2030? What everyone should know about Saudi 'reforms'

Saudi Arabia says it has a bright vision for the future, but that promise is already crumbling in the face of the dark reality of the present

5 facts about #ANewSaudiArabia

As Mohammed bin Salman arrives in the UK to promote 'reforms', our analysis shows anything but...

TODAY - Saudi Crown Prince visit to London as executions double

The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is in London today to meet with Theresa May. 75,000 people have signed our petition calling on him to stop the imminent execution of 18 young people sentenced to death for the 'crime' of protesting against the government. 

BREAKING: Theresa May forced to publish secret order on crimes by MI5

After a seven-month legal battle the Prime Minister has finally been forced to publish her secret order but we are a long way from having transparency.

Today, three stories from Guantanamo

The heartwarming, the agonising, and the vacuous - all the latest from Guantanamo

A truly free man - some rare good news on Guantanamo

Younous Chekkouri was told “you’re going to hell” by the American guards as they forced him on to a plane to Guantánamo. Only now has his ordeal finally ended...

Trump's response - Guantánamo detention not indefinite, just indeterminate

Trump has made clear what we have all known for some time: Guantanamo is a legal black hole, an illegal, ineffective and unjust stain on America's conscience. Our team's view on administration's reply to court order on Gitmo

Free man in a cage

Guantanamo Bay was supposed to be the end of the line for the ‘worst of the worst’. But Abdul Latif is there because of something much more mundane.

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