12,000 call on David Cameron to save British student Ahmad Zeidan

Image of people holding the Zeidan petition at Reprieve

Over 12,000 people have called on Prime Minister David Cameron to save British student Ahmad Zeidan.

David Cameron has to act immediately to ensure that Ahmad Zeidan is included in the upcoming prisoner amnesty to mark Eid. If he does, Ahmed could be back home with his family in Berkshire by the end of the month.

Over 12,000 of us have sent a clear message – David Cameron must use this opportunity to put an end to the injustice that Ahmad has suffered in UAE. He must call on the UAE government to include Ahmad in the upcoming prisoner amnesty.

The amnesty is scheduled for 23 September, to mark Eid. The UK government has so far refused to support Ahmad’s request to be included, but we hope that our campaign will force them to act.

Public support for Ahmed continued to increase and our petition has grown from 6,000 signatures to over 12,000 in just a few days.

Thank you to everyone who has joined our campaign. We have now sent the petition to David Cameron to send a clear message – he must act now to save Ahmad Zeidan.

About Ahmad

ZeidanBritish student Ahmad Zeidan was arrested in UAE and tortured for a week by the police. He was hooded, stripped naked, threatened with rape, and viciously beaten. To make the abuse stop he signed a false confession and sealed his fate.

Ahmad was accused of carrying 0.04g of cocaine and charged with offences which carry the death penalty. He remains in prison, while all his co-defendants have been either pardoned or acquitted. With your help, we can secure justice for Ahmad, and reunite him with his family in Berkshire.

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