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Furlough Kris Maharaj Now

Kris Maharaj is 81 years old, has underlying health problems and if he contracts coronavirus, there is a real risk that it will prove fatal. Join us in urging Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis to furlough Kris to his wife Marita’s cottage.

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Kris is locked up in a Florida prison – 33 years and counting – for a crime he didn't commit.

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My thirteen million dollar annual income

Letter by Saifullah Paracha reacting to the news that it costs $13 million a year to keep him in Guantánamo.

Kris Maharaj: Justice delayed is justice denied... again

Clive spoke with Marita Maharaj after she found out Kris's day in court was delayed indefinitely.

I do sometimes wonder how people sleep at night

The latest on Kris Maharaj's case, by Clive Stafford Smith

Kris Maharaj granted long-awaited evidentiary hearing

We've just had some incredibly exciting news on the case of Kris Maharaj, the Brit who has already spent 33 unjust years in Florida's prison system for a murder he did not commit.

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