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Close Guantanamo

President Trump has ended the US Government’s commitment to closing Guantanamo. Sign our petition to the President, calling on him to end the years of injustice and abuse at America's illegal prison.

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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

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7 things you didn't know about Guantanamo Bay

Over the last 16 years, the Government has attempted to suppress the truth about Guantanamo. Here we bring you 7 facts that you may not know about America’s infamous illegal prison.

Migrant Workers, the Death Penalty and Human Trafficking

India's anti-trafficking Bill is not consistent with international human rights standards

Sajid Javid has undermined the UK’s decades-long opposition to the death penalty and Guantánamo Bay

Reprieve response to Sajid Javid Leaked Letter. By Maya Foa, Director of Reprieve

Making Light Work of Torture

Clive Stafford Smith, founder of Reprieve, on why we need a proper, judge-led inquiry into UK involvement in torture. 

Guantánamo prisoners challenge indefinite detention

Lawyers argue in federal court that US Government cannot continue to detain the prisoners forever

Judge blocks Nevada execution

Court rules that state may not use sedative against manufacturer's wishes

Let me out of Guantánamo

The report says one detainee tried to cut his hand off to stop the pain. That was me - Ahmed Rabbani in his own words

Comment: Government to announce decision on judge-led torture inquiry within 60 days

Government announces it's considering a judge-led inquiry after reports reveal systematic UK involvement in torture and rendition... by Dan Dolan, Head of Policy

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