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As of January 30th 2018, President Trump has ended the US Government’s commitment to closing Guantanamo. Sign our petition to the President, calling on him to end the years of injustice and abuse at America's illegal prison.

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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

Today, three stories from Guantanamo

The heartwarming, the agonising, and the vacuous - all the latest from Guantanamo

A truly free man - some rare good news on Guantanamo

Younous Chekkouri was told “you’re going to hell” by the American guards as they forced him on to a plane to Guantánamo. Only now has his ordeal finally ended...

Trump's response - Guantánamo detention not indefinite, just indeterminate

Trump has made clear what we have all known for some time: Guantanamo is a legal black hole, an illegal, ineffective and unjust stain on America's conscience. Our team's view on administration's reply to court order on Gitmo

Free man in a cage

Guantanamo Bay was supposed to be the end of the line for the ‘worst of the worst’. But Abdul Latif is there because of something much more mundane.

Campaign update - killing outside war zones

By Bella Sankey, Deputy Director of Reprieve... Does the British Government kill outside war zones or not? And the story of why a Pakistani peace activist sleeps in the forest rather than his home

Roundup: Guantánamo, birthdays on death row and a question...

On the legal front, our senior staff attorney has been on the ground in Guantánamo for legal visits. On the campaigns front, we think it’s time for foreign governments to renew their opposition to Guantánamo. And on the policy front, a question - does the UK Government kill anyone it wants anywhere in the world?

Trump order - Guantánamo stays open

In his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, President Trump announced he had signed a new Executive Order to overturn the US Government’s commitment to close the Guantánamo Bay detention center which has been in place since January 2009.

The 5 most important things that happened in the first year of Trump’s illegal drone war

Under Trump, this program has hugely expanded in both scale and callousness: drone strikes have increased, Obama-era safeguards have been ripped up, and an unparalleled number of victims have been killed. The US drone war has now become a program of industrial-scale assassinations. 

Trump’s secret assassinations programme 

The first year of the Trump administration has resulted in more loss of life from drone strikes than all eight years of Obama’s presidency.

7 truly unbelievable facts about the case of an innocent Brit in Florida prison

Kris Maharaj, Brit and former billionaire racehorse owner, was sentenced to death in 1987 for two murders he didn’t commit - the killing of father and son Derrick and Duane Moo Young in a Miami hotel.

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