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Guantánamo prisoners challenge indefinite detention

Lawyers argue in federal court that US Government cannot continue to detain the prisoners forever

Judge blocks Nevada execution

Court rules that state may not use sedative against manufacturer's wishes

Let me out of Guantánamo

The report says one detainee tried to cut his hand off to stop the pain. That was me - Ahmed Rabbani in his own words

Comment: Government to announce decision on judge-led torture inquiry within 60 days

Government announces it's considering a judge-led inquiry after reports reveal systematic UK involvement in torture and rendition... by Dan Dolan, Head of Policy

Torture Report Exposes the Need for a Judge-led Inquiry

Reprieve response to the Intelligence and Security reports released today. By Bella Sankey, Deputy Director of Reprieve

A terrible milestone, and a day of celebration.

Today marks 6000 days since Guantánamo Bay first opened its gates - 6000 days of torture, abuse, and indefinite detention without charge. It is a cruel reminder of just how long this injustice has gone on.

Breaking news: US journalist wins right to challenge inclusion on Trump’s Kill List

Bilal Abdul Kareem, a US citizen who believes he has been targeted for assassination by his own Government, has won the right to challenge his presumed inclusion on the Kill List in court.

David Birkin, MIDNIGHT BLUE, 2017

Only two countries have ever used cyanide as a systematic way of killing their own people: Germany and the United States... By David Birkin

Free and reunited with his family

Andy Tsege returned to London this morning, and was reunited with his partner and children for the first time after four long years on Ethiopia’s death row

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