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Help fund investigators to find out all the facts about illegal US drones in Yemen which kill hundreds of innocent people, including children.

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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

Yorkshire Terriers, Menwith Hill and illegal lethal drone strikes

There is something you should know about Yorkshire: it also plays a central role in America’s illegal lethal drones strikes.

German courts poised to make landmark judgement

This week, in a small courtroom in Germany, a judge will hear a case that could have profound implications for Governments across Europe. The UK Government, in particular, should take heed.

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The rigged system that’s keeping detainees at Guantánamo indefinitely   

The Periodic Review Board (PRB) is a process whereby Guantánamo detainees can - in theory - be cleared for release if they are deemed to not be a “significant threat” to the security of the United States. 

5 reasons to oppose Trump's 'Temple of Torture'

Five compelling reasons why Guantánamo Bay should be closed for good.

Kris Maharaj turns 80

Since October 16th, 1986 – more than thirty-two years now – Kris has been variously on death row and latterly serving a life sentence for 2 murders he didn't commit

Clive Stafford Smith: Why 17 years on, our job isn't over at Guantánamo

In the White House we have a man who has promised to “load Guantánamo up with bad dudes” and prevent the release of anyone – even the five men cleared for release.

Thank you for bringing me home

A big reason why I am free today is because so many people like you campaigned for me, and I want to say thank you.

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